Nuclear Weapon Abolition

Intimately interwoven with Climate, our other grave and urgent existential threat to life is the nuclear weapon industry. This is something we can do something about. I support every effort.


Since 2003 I've been making films on subjects I care deeply about, hoping to engage more citizens on these pressing issues, issues I felt not fully covered or covered at all by main stream media. Please feel free to share these resources. Deep gratitude for your interest, solidarity.

Local Faith Communities

Here in the Lower East Side, with it’s over 250 year history of people from all corners of the world, all faiths, languages and cultures, seeking refuge from great oppression, hatred and poverty, we have had to learn and re-teach ourselves repeatedly about the advantages of and the goodness in tolerance and respect while living side by side.

Local Faith Communities of the East Village
2010 (Full length documentary) Gathering to stand against hate, and rejoice in our diverse community.

12th Annual Spiritual Sounds, 2021
Zoom of the 12th Annual Spiritual Sounds of Local Faith Communities

Other Works

Other works, stories, songs, books, podcasts, articles,
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