An under 10 minute video segment of a couple of fortunate weeks in Tibetan regions, an important aspect of this recent trip to China.  Denial of an essential center of this fabric remains largely unspoken or known in China but is part of the old mindset I believe most Chinese now wish to shed. 

   I firmly believe that the new emerging China will benefit greatly by opening up to the Dalai Lama.  He’s a shining example of how to integrate with the modern, encompass all world cultures and yet maintain one’s identity and integrity.  

  He doesn’t live in the past, but rather is an ally to a new modern China and all peoples in moving forward.  As materialism and capitalism leap in bounds, our spirit, mind and soul continually reach for the clarity and balance he reflects.    

   My first awakening with Tibetan culture and peoples was with a recently escaped lama in an all night chant on a wintry night in 1977.    No matter what religion or philosophy,  the 14th Dalai Lama speaks in accessible, very human and compassionate terms.  He poses no threat.  He offers solutions.  Trust is a priceless commodity.  He means what he says, says what he means.  It’s called honesty, something rare, that benefits all.   China, we can do this.

China, Thoughts on Tibet

               Spring 2007

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