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With a generation, I picked up a guitar and harmonica in 1969.  In May 1973 I turned on a tape recorder, in my room, my first two recordings.   I didn’t rehearse.  I never knew what would come forth, just hoped to be “real” and “in the moment”.  After work I’d have a feeling, or many feelings, and music was a help to balance the emotion, a way of communicating to myself, and connect to something larger.  I always felt I was trying to talk to the greater me, inclusive of the you.   99.9% of these moments never saw a tape player.  These are a few that did.  The first of the 1973 tunes I was able to dub over myself once.  The others, I’m playing harmonica with a neck brace as I play guitar.   No studio “magic”.  All “first takes”, with imperfections, and poor quality left as is.  Some is embarrassing, sorry.  The piano pieces are the same...  Sometimes words find themselves, usually not.   Meditations for me.  As a child I would dream and “doodle” (play) on the piano.  Never did well with the few lessons attempted.  I didn’t have a piano around most my life and would rent out a room with sometimes an out of tune piano.... after work, whatever I could get my hands on.  Each year from 1983 to 1989 I recorded a 90 minute tape for friends and family,  and now you know why I kept my day jobs, but it is this other part of me, like my writing, that also was calling you.  If it can help.  In weeks ahead I hope to get better compression so they take less time to upload for you.   Then I can add more as well.  (2007)

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