Mario Borgatti and family


At the young age of 93, and on the 75th anniversary of the pasta shop his father began on 187th St. and Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, I spent a few hours with Mr. Borgatti, his wonderful son Chris and wife Joanie, their son Chris.  The whole crew, made me feel welcome.

  What may not come across here is the great sincerity one feels from Mario Borgatti, the stillness in the storm, his capacity to listen, and look you directly, and kindly in the eye. When he’s asked, “How are you?”  He means it and waits for you to answer.   Sometimes the unspoken gesture is taken in.

What a great honor and deep joy.   What humanity, quality... of being, and and yes... the best pasta.  Much gratitude forever for this family.   They allowed me to get in their way for a couple of hours for this quick ten minute glimpse, just touching the surface of now 4 generations of genuine service. It is impossible to tell any kind of full story of a great life and family business in ten minutes.

When I brought my dad here in 1977 he felt he was back in time with his childhood neighborhood in Brooklyn, where people knew each other, and cared who you were.  He loved these good people of Arthur Avenue and 187th Street, and they him.  

In our marathoning days of 1970’s, this was the spot my brothers, our whole family came... fast becoming our ritual.   All holidays meant coming to the Borgattis Ravioli shop and Arthur Avenue.   We’re not alone, as these very few moments in the shop show. 

(For those interested in the tech aspect.  All music, producing and editing was done by me.  FCP used, shot on a small Sony HD Handycam, 1080i.)     

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