>> YouTube, “Iran, a letter to you.” Iran,_ytube.html

(Sept. 25th ’09) President Obama has put forth the courage and wisdom to say the world should move toward being nuclear weapon free, and got the powers to vote in agreement.  I can’t say enough about this move.  Thank you.  To add genuine weight to this and the concern with Iran, we and these powers must start the physical moves backing this up... especially if we wish to tell others what to do.  

(July 2009)  My heart is with all Iranians in these critical times.   Yes, we are watching and listening, not interfering, but holding a mirror, and doing what humans can, sharing.  For now our eyes are on the streets, but they will return back to a looming issue behind and within. 

Iran can inspire and lead the world in the nuclear issue, if it chooses.  The below links explain why, how, and what’s been proposed.

My first official interviews with representatives of Iran were in early 1983. In a 2004 documentary I highlighted Iran’s then ambassador to the UN, because he was intelligent, most articulate, and refreshingly personal and straight forward.  Since March 2007 I’ve contacted the Iranian Embassy and Mission to try to get a visa to personally present what you read here below.  I thought it would be a way for Iran to not only deal directly with the nuclear issue, but greatly raise it’s profile in the world.  We had a US president here who had been doing nothing in this issue besides making demands and name calling... it was a perfect time for Iran to show inspired leadership, and raise the bar.

Below are three links of different incarnations:  A YouTube “Letter” made when President Ahmadinezhad came to New York’s Columbia University in 2008.  A single page proposal I requested Iran consider since March 2007, with my letter to the UN Ambassador, presented again to his office, May 1st, 2009.  An in-depth article, and a Letter to NYTimes.

>>   The brief Proposal presented to Iran’s UN Ambassador to pass on.Iran_files/IranLetter5.pdf
>>   In-depth article elucidating the proposal for Iran’s opportunity to lead the world in the nuclear issue, containing a supportive critical history.Iran_files/IransOpportunity.pdf
>>  Letter to the Editor, New York TimesIran_files/NYTimesnuclearOp-ed.pdf

See on the bottom of the page the YouTube link.

(January, 2012)  It’s with a heavy heart that it seems the nuclear powers that be, Russia, China, US and Israel leading the way in particular are not serious about nuclear weapon reform.  Actions have not followed the words spoken in September, ’09.  As stated 4 years ago in this video, we cannot tell a nation not to go for such weapons as we continue to build and improve them.   There is no moral voice.   This must change, and it can change.   The opportunity presented here to Iran in spring 2008, is all the more vital.   I said then the ball is in their court, but really, any of our nations with courage could lead, none are presently.  

The document submitted in 2008 gives a brief history about the human movement around this absolutely critical issue.    Please feel free to write to me to add to it.   Thank you.