This is a ten minute video, a very brief introduction to an 8, soon to be 9 generation small American family farm.  The film is about our connection to our earth. 

    After the intro, the two main narrators are Milton Arthur Lain, and his dad, Art Lain, joined by sisters Martha and Deborah.   These sitting interviews were done in the spring of 2008.   The work is dedicated to this great family.   I am deeply grateful to their trust, allowing me to try to capture a small amount of such depth of spirit, wisdom, and history.

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    In the 1760’s a young William and Keziah Lain began caring for this part of the earth in New York.  He joined George Washington’s militia to help this country come into being.  The church they helped build in 1783 still stands, as the stone house they still live in, built in 1775.  

    We hear much about fresh whole food, chemical free, organic, natural products, “carbon footprints”, eating local, “slow” food.   Long before the curve, it’s all been steadily and quietly in practice here.  

    Milton Arthur Lain and his family teach through example, the vitality and daily practice of staying connected to the seasons and cycles of our nature.  They have been concerned with:  preserving water, understanding what continually improves and enriches the quality of the soil (the giver of life), using solar energy (panels up since 1980’s), treating animals as precious beings not as numbers, the utmost sensitivity to protecting and sustaining our environment, and fostering community.

    Feeling education is essential to maintaining life’s delicate balance, for well over a decade they host a summer day camp to help children become more connected to their earth, their nature.  

    For these generations they practice both natural birth and death at home.  Their 5 children born in the fields or living room. 

    Against the prevailing pressures of agribusiness, in the 1970’s  Milton Arthur had the farm go chemical free and organic.

    Not too far off in the future I hope to get up a slide show and a few separate video’s of some of the teachings and conversations.

    This family has always maintained a concern with people around the earth.  They have been open and generous with  sharing what they know about caring for the ground that sustains us.   Small family farmers in all cultures share this universal bond, and if it were left to them, they could lead the way on how to keep our soil healthy, feed the world good fresh food, and how to deal with many preventable environmental crisis.  They can help us regain balance with our technologies and growth... if leaders will humble themselves to listen.  

    I was most fortunate to meet Milton Arthur Lain in the fall of 1981.  He allowed me to come and live with the family and pitch in any way I could.   I moved from NYC to the farm February 10th, 1982 for six months and have been going up whenever I can ever since.    As said, it’s truly been the greatest honor for me.  I’ve felt this deep good wisdom of the land is both most invaluable, and in danger of being lost.    I ask each and all of us in whatever way we can, to continue to support and value our small farmers, our teachers.   And to discern the large corporate factory farms from this more intimate, personal wisdom of our planet.  

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