For those of us who for years have been writing our representatives, signing every petition that comes along, and donating monies.... time for just talk has almost run it’s course.

Darfur and such atrocities were pleaded for in the 2004 documentary, but after waiting for years, in 2006 I began talking about forming another “Lincoln Brigade” for this genocide.   If the world organizations and nations cannot come together to describe genocide unanimously, nor gather a force to stop it... why can’t good people around the world gather a civilian volunteer force to do it ourselves, again?

Another war for oil, and another way Iraq has distracted us from another of humanities great calls to action.   China alone can stop this today.  Their involvement and support for the Sudan Government, and world inaction (non interference) can be pressured further with action and words at this Olympics.  (>>  see also 1993 Chapter on China for this connection.)

Otherwise, The Lincoln Brigade?!  They could not stop facisim in Spain then, but that brave spirit is again calling.  It would take creativity, willingness to sacrifice, and energy.   We have that.  (7/2007)