On Oct 6th and many other times, John McCain asked incredulously, “Who is Barack Obama?!”  and smirked. 

    A friend, Charles, dreamt up a Spartacus answer.    “I am Barack Obama.” 

    The clips above are the wonderful unique people I captured after only few hours one day/night, Friday, Oct. 17th, 2008 and put together the next day.


    They didn’t hesitate.  If I had another life, I know this filming could have gone on endlessly.

    I am so touched by you who just said, “Yes” and turned to the camera....   Thank you! 

    Thank you so much for that generosity, openness and trust, and for that belief that we are going to begin to make this world work again. 

    Many of you who shared here with me will also be up on Charles’s work.  His Youtube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm-LEjaf9e0

   Several have asked:  The background tune is one of my 2007 diddies “Hello Stranger” (“Isn’t it true that eventually, we’ll be friends.  Why not.”) 

   Postscript:    I could not be happier about the election!!!!   The Lower East Side was absolutely wild with joy out in the streets till the wee hours.... strangers none.... hugging, slapping five, making the joyous sounds!  E-mails of great relief and support flooding from overseas, every corner of the globe.  

  We’ve a herculean task together to make it work for all of us.   Onward with Spirit.  Enjoy.

  Again, thank you.   

“Who is Barack Obama?!”

                                                Sen. McCain