Joint Affirmation of The Local Faith Communities of the East Village


We, the local faith communities of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindu’s, and Buddhists stand here together before you in peace, and as one humanity.

Here in the Lower East Side, with it’s over 250 year history of people from all corners of the world, all faiths, languages and cultures, seeking refuge from great oppression, hatred and poverty, we have had to learn and re-teach ourselves repeatedly about the advantages of and the goodness in tolerance and respect while living side by side.

Let us honor the work of those generations before us who labored together, to feed, nourish, educate ourselves, build bridges, share our joys and cultural celebrations, and to establish our unique houses of worship next to each other.  

We gather toward healing (in times of acts of hatred/prejudice), prevention, respect and understanding, in the strength of our deep common values.  We wish to encourage and reflect the greatest shining strength of our city and our nation, the best in us, our unity in our diversity.

Spring 2009

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