As neighbors in New York City’s East Village, all serving within a few blocks of each other, we local faith leaders: rabbis, imams, Catholic and Russian Orthodox priests, Episcopal and Protestant ministers, a Spanish Evangelical pastor, Hindu monk and Tibetan lama, called our first monthly gathering in spring of 2009.

We rotate sites and share our special spaces.

We wanted to get to know each other personally and to see where this road might take us.   We stand against the prejudice, divisions, hatred and wars in our many names.   We share the same missions to serve people in our community, especially in times of need and crisis, and also to help celebrate our unique heritage.   For many decades this area was the most diverse and densely populated in the whole world.  It wasn’t always easy, but we learned over generations the lessons of how to live with each other, while keeping alive our invaluable traditions. It’s a learning that never ends.  We rejoice in our traditions, without losing sight of our undeniable common ground, and our common goals to do good, to serve others.  We wish to support other areas, towns, cities who wish to develop such relationship and community.

Local Faith Communities are holding community events:

“Spiritual Sounds” an annual joint musical sharing.  Tuesday eve.,

December,  7th, 2010   (Next “Spiritual Sounds” will be at The Bhakti Center,  December 7th, 2011)

May 5th, 2010 was our most recent Open Houses event.

May 25, 2011 7 pm will be our next Panel Discussion open to the Public where the audience is encouraged to bring community ideas and ask question.  Click for more info.

We are happy to encourage and help other communities wishing to embrace the same worthy journey and challenge. 

While there have been numerous worthy interfaith events through the decades, prestigious university programs and courses, we believe it is the actual daily practice on our own local streets that practices the preach, and makes the difference.


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